Record Your Kids on iPhone 3.0 Voice

Photo I've never been one to find taking voice notes very useful. Even when testing cars, where such a thing would be helpful, I've never bothered. 

The same is true for the new iPhone OS voice recorder. It's a nice feature to have but I never thought I'd take advantage of it. I did find one good use for recording with the phone however, quite by happenstance.

Carter, like most kids, loves picking up our remote controls, slapping the computer keyboard and of course grabbing our iPhones when we leave them anywhere within reach. They seem to be quite soothing with their glowing screens. So on Sunday when I was trying to fond ways to keep him occupied before dinner I played a few YouTube videos we have of his first steps and some other gems. He got bored and I tried to find something else to occupy his time. Then I remembered the voice recorder.

If you haven't used it before, you just tap a button to start recording and talk towards the bottom of the phone. I had Carter do his newly learned animal sounds like "what does a sheep say". The twenty seconds are priceless and yesterday at work I replayed it between some iPod songs and it totally perked me up. Next time I go on a business trip I'll probably get him to say a bit more.