My Kids Won't Know Who Michael Jackson Is, Oh Well

In the office the 20-somethings always throw me off when they say they’ve never heard of a band I remember here or there. The other day it was Men at Work. Stuff like that.

That makes me think my kids won’t know of any artists from the 1990s or 2000s. Besides Pearl Jam. They’ll never get away from Pearl Jam.

And as Michael Jackson’s legacy is discussed I can guarantee they’ll never know who he was. People say he’s an icon like Presley or Monroe. And I agree. But he won’t be idolized in the same way by so many because of his oddities if not straight out perversions. My guess is the real stories will flow like water now that he’s dead.

Add the fact that the world is now hundreds of outlets, Internets, social media, portable devices versus one music channel and where would my kids even hear a Michael Jackson song?

Is that a shame? I don’t see why? His music was good early on and still is fun to listen to today, but I don’t think my children will be missing anything if they don’t hear it. He broke boundaries at the time but the music itself wasn't genius. It was the whole package and the singular focus of the media at the time that made him so big.

Maybe i think that way because I’m a rock guy and not a pop guy. I’m not sure. I definitely will be happy to not have to explain Michael Jackson’s life to my kids though.