My second father's day and all I got was this BSG t-shirt

Tshirt This weekend went by too quickly and not because there was non-stop dad adulation going on either. I'm not saying I didn't have a great Fathers Day, it just didn't have any traditional dad's day trappings.

I was supposed to play golf on Saturday as part of a gift from my wife but the course was flooded. Instead of golf we opted to still visit the in-laws and run errands you can only do in the suburbs. That means Babys R Us most definitely to load up on supplies, but on the plus side Carter got to spend time with his godparents' son, Charlie. The two went for a quick ride in Carter's new red wagon his grandparents got him a few weeks ago.

A nice dinner of steaks on the grill and Rogue American Ale was also fitting. Sunday, the big day, actually had us heading home and more errands like Costco. Courtney also gave me my gift, this Battlestar Gallactica T which will probably be the geekiest thing I own. Despite the headline, I really liked the gift and certainly am not one big on getting gifts. I passed that stage around age 12. Ok... age 25.


I capped the day off taking Carter to the park by myself while Courtney held the fort with baby Evie. It wasn't as humid by that point of the day and there was a bit of a breeze as I pushed Carter on the swing of the nearly deserted park which is usually packed with yuppie families. As Carter climbed the playground and slid down the slide all by himself (I of course spotted him) I got a big reminder of how much fun it was being a dad. Good day.