Oops! I erased my wife's iPhone contacts

Iphoneerror Yesterday, I updated my iPhone to the new 3.0 OS at work. I couldn't get my wife's away from her last night so figured I'd quickly update it this morning while I was having my coffee and the kids were with her on the bed.

It was bad from the very beginning. The backup didn't work. Then it said there was a software glitch. Then it said it had to restore the phone completely. Then it had to restart the computer. Then it finally updated to 3.0.

One little problem: all the contact, email settings, apps et al were gone. Gone.

It was a fun ride to the office trying to add as many of her contacts as I could before she dropped me off for the day. The other problem is that I don't think she'd care one way or the other about the 3.0 features.