Why You Should Get Professional Photos of Your Kids


I like to think I take some good photos. My wife has become an excellent point and shooter herself since Carter was born. We have a pretty fancy camera too, a Canon G9. It's like an SLR in a point and shoot body. I've shown some of my work here before.

However, I'm constantly amazed at the difference a professional photographer makes when you want a keepsake image of your kids. Luckily we have a friend who is terrific, Pete Thompson. He shot our wedding, our dog Roxy, Carter on more than one occasion and now little Evie for her birth announcement.

I'm not allowed to show Evie's photos or ruin the surprise of the announcement arriving to our family. Seriously, Mrs. Therapy is very secretive.

But the above is one of Carter with our living room rug as the backdrop. Obviously the photo is copyrighted and we're not making them public on our flickr feed either. But even if we did have to pay for a full sitting and prints etc., I think the end result is totally worth the effort.

Any other dads out there gone the pro route outside of the whole "portrait studio" type chains? Do you think it was worth it?