Kids, Your Dad Used To Be Cool: Foo Fighters

I'm guessing more than one dad out there has had this talk with their kids. Mine aren't old enough to understand so they can't casually dismiss this rant but I was cleaning up some digital files and came across some photos I shot back in my music journalist days and figured I'd post them to Flickr and here. 

This set is of the Foo Fighters when they opened for the Red Hot Chili Peppers back in 2000. Shot in West Palm Beach when I was covering music for the Palm Beach Post. 

One day, when my children are rocking out to the equivalent of Grizzly Bear (who aren't bad really) I can pull up these posts and say, "See, Dad used to go to shows and talk to musicians and stuff." They'll then say, "Big deal dad." And go back to their iPod Thinks. You know, future tech that will just play music by reading your mind.