The Ten Post-Yield Pearl Jam Songs You Need to Know


Monday I got a pleasant surprise. Pearl Jam announced a show at the United center for Sunday August 23rd, and I got fan club seats right away. Cha-ching. It’s even a Sunday night so my wife might be able to go with me if we can find someone to watch the kids, which I think we should be able to.

That meant today I started playing some Pearl Jam on the iPod and was reminded again at how lackluster Riot Act was. After a very successful tour behind Binaural the band had a lot of fans new and old looking forward to that record, and they were severely let down. The album is so down-beat it sounds as if the band was all on methadone or something. Granted, it was recorded after the Roskilde tragedy where nine fans were trampled to death.

Anyway, I decided to put together a list of the “must” listen to songs from the post-Yield era. Binaural and 2006’s self-titled album get generous mentions here but only one track from Riot Act makes it, “You Are”, mainly because of the unique guitar sound.

So here are the ten tracks in a recommended listening order.

Life Wasted
World Wide Suicide
Marker In The Sand
You Are
Thin Air
Of The Girl