A Tribute to Baseball, Pearl Jam Style

Now that the Blackhawks have left the playoff run, this dad has to settle on watching baseball to get his sports fix for the rest of the summer. And if you don't care about the NBA playoffs (check) and don't live in Pittsburgh or Detroit (aren't you lucky) baseball is the only game in town.

I know a lot of people are fanatic about baseball, but for me I need to get into it every year and that usually doesn't happen until after the all-star game, or after a trip to Wrigley. Since dad duties — and a rain out — have kept me from Wrigley I figured this montage of baseball related Pearl Jam videos would help. Enjoy. And thanks to Two Feet Thick for pointing to most of them. It's the greatest PJ site going in my opinion.


  • Above: Mike McCready playing the Star Spangled Banner at a Mariners home game this season

  • Below: Eddie Vedder, Jeff Ament and Boom Gasper hitting some BP and shagging balls at Fenway in 2006 thanks to Theo Epstein.

  • Eddie Singing the Seventh Inning Stretch at Wrigley