A New Kind of Cereal Prize, Cash

Photo Yesterday, I cracked open a new box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch — yes, this is for me not the kids — and a huge promotion on the box caught my eye. It seems one out of every ten boxes is packing a prize. A cash prize. $5, $10, $25 Discover gift cards are randomly inserted into the boxes. And yes, my box had a card in it. Wrapped in silver foil, outside of the cereal bag itself, was my plastic prize, all $5 of it.

I was pretty psyched that I won $5 but then I started thinking…this is for kids? Where's the toy car? Where's the decoder ring? I’m not even old enough to remember decoder rings I guess, but even in the early 1980s we had toy prizes.

As a parent I kind of like the cash idea, but what about the child who wins one? Is it as exciting as pulling out a toy they can play with right then? Perhaps if they get $25 are they going to go buy a new toy that doesn't get forgotten about like a cereal prize? I guess so. Target here we come.