Jon and Kate: How I Divorced Your Mother


Courtney is a fan of the TLC show Jon & Kate Plus Eight. Me, I've watched it probably a dozen times with her but found the novelty to wear off. Not this season.

The generally shit upon husband looks to be rebelling from his uber-controlling wife and isn't loving being a stay at home dad. This final emasculation has put him over the edge and after watching last night's season premiere it seems like the couple is heading for the Big D.

Now, I'm not reveling in the destruction of their marriage, but even after watching the few episodes I have over the years I could tell this partnership wasn't built on the strongest of footings. A man can only take so much abuse, even the laid back Jon. Plus, the stress of raising eight kids has to be extremely hard, even with their financial future pretty much in the bag. They make $75K an episode after all.

Last night's premier set-up the idea that we'll actually witness the couple's break-up on air. I never was offended by the show invading the lives of the eight kids and parents before. What was aired was always pretty innocuous: kids playing, screaming, being disciplined etc. There wasn't much there that seemed invasive. A divorce on the other hand…

It's one thing if you're defending the show as a way of documenting your children's life like really well-edited home movies. It's another when those home movies depict an end to a relationship. The divorce, even if it is done to completely minimize the trauma to the children, will still be traumatic to the kids and when they're old enough to understand it was all done on national television they'll probably be more ticked.  

Watching the "confessional" type interviews of the two sitting on a couch together was some of the most awkward TV I've ever seen.

There is a really big positive to the show for dads though. You will appreciate your wife a lot more after watching Jon & Kate interact. Or not interact as was the case last night.

Now, all of this could be a big show for ratings, but as my wife pointed out, their ratings were already sky high before this happened. I guess we'll have to wait and see.