It's Final, Mac Mini Now My Only Computer

Last week I finally unplugged the PC, removed all the cables, moved my subwoofer to under the desk and swapped out where the Mac Mini sat on top of my desk from left to right side. Check out the before picture here and the after is obviously above.

This is the cleanest set-up I've ever had in terms of home computing. Hopefully, this fact alone will make the wife happy. However, she still curses every time she has to cut and paste.

The footprint in the home will be even more advantageous once our daughter comes in just a few weeks now. We're not sure when we'll move into a new place and I can easily move the desk (sans the home theater speakers) out into the living room if need be. In fact, a lot of the homes we've seen I think the desk could easily be set-up in an eat-in kitchen area.

As for going "Mac," it has not made my life ridiculously easy. Nope. The Mini crashes from time to time. Some programs need to "Force Quit" a term I've now learned. And there is still a huge learning curve going on. I wouldn't say I enjoy the time on the Mac more than I did with the PC. I'm still doing basically the same stuff. Listening to and sorting music to the iPod/iPhones, watching Hulu and DVDs and blogging. None of those tasks is fundamentally different or better. iTunes does seem to run faster on the Mini though.

The biggest advantage is still the iPhoto software and going through our huge collection of photos is much easier. I also like uploading new photos and being able to export them to flickr in one step. That's just terrific. I haven't even gotten time to play around with slideshows or making movies yet. How sad is that?

See, even though I use the computer all the time I'm really limited to what I use. My old fascination with having all that big PC power really isn't all that necessary.

Especially since I can play Call of Duty 4 just fine.