iPhone App Review: Shopper, A Grocery Shopping List

Main screen
There’s one errand I do every week that I’m sure not efficient at. That’s grocery shopping.

Courtney is an uber-coupon cutter. I’m not going to argue with saving us money, in this economy or any other. But even with menu planning and my selected coupons in a handy holder I do spend too much time going over the list, the coupons and every aisle.

I hunted on the app store for a grocery list and Shopper came up with some high ratings so I officially purchased my first app at $2.99. Every other app I have is a free one and I don’t like spending money when there is often something equal out there as freeware.

But, my need to organize outweighs $2.99.

Last week after I downloaded it and played around I asked Courtney about our menu planning, and for the first time she actually was aggravated that I brought up our food plan too early.

We got back from the burbs in time for Carter’s morning nap and then I finally got the iPhone out and started planning. If you need something simple like a banana it’s pre-loaded and you just click a button to add it to your list. But if it’s something more specific like sun-dried tomatoes, well that you’re going to add yourself.

I also don’t like how you can’t pick “rice” and copy it as “Rice a Roni” or “Uncle Ben’s” depending on what coupons you have. You get one “rice” selection preloaded. Same with cleaning products. It doesn’t take a ton of time to add things though and I bet after a month or two of regular shopping you’ll have added everything you use regularly.

The biggest bonus by FAR is at the grocery store itself. When you get the item off the list and hit the checkmark it drops off the list and gets ready for checkout in another queue. This makes shopping so much easier because you’re no longer looking at a long list of scribbled stuff. Even if you DO remember a pen at the store a crossed out list doesn’t look this good nor is as easy to read.

When I got home, I added prices to each item. The next time I add them to a list it’ll give me a rough estimate of how much the trip will cost.

After one trip, I’m pretty happy with the $2.99 I spent. We’ll see what happens on a normal, high volume shopping weekend with the grocery and Costco. You can add separate lists for each by the way.

If anyone has tips for this program let me know. Or if you found a better one let me know in the comments.