Sunday at Egg Harbor

Sunday at Egg HarborThis weekend we stayed at the in-laws so we could take Roxy to the dog dermatologist about her scratching. Seriously.

We actually took Carter out to two meals and we're getting used to it. Saturday we just went to Chili's which was kind of gross in a greasy way. I kind of wanted to hit a chain restaurant but it didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. We were really looking forward to breakfast.

Sunday, we headed to Egg Harbor in Barrington.

When Courtney was pregnant with Carter and we were living in the suburbs this was her favorite place and she had cravings for their pumpkin pancakes. I found lots of favorites but the cinnamon roll French toast won out most of the time.

This morning my wife and I relived those faves while Carter devoured French toast sticks. You can see how unhappy he is.

Next weekend we head back out for Easter, but will probably not make a trip to Egg Harbor and definitely not Chili's.