Weekend Hangover Makes Me Worry

3477842405_efa5860508 This weekend was one where I felt more exhausted when it was over than I did on Friday night after a full week of work. That’s just not fair. I was able to watch much of the draft and drink beer Saturday afternoon but there were a lot of things to check off the list first.

In the morning on Saturday we took Carter to his first swim lesson. At 14 months the “lesson” is more like organized playtime in the water. The first five minutes of that is calming the boy down after he gets in and realizes it is not as warm as his bath tub. Even I was kind of chilly at first. Carter’s favorite part was taking part in the songs where the kids got bobbed up and down in the water to the music. Otherwise he swallowed water when trying to make bubbles and cried and was generally not happy. There were moments of kicking here and there which made me happy. We’ll see what next week is like.

The in-laws came to take Carter off our hands after his morning nap so we could clean out our closet to make some room for kid #2’s arrival. Yes, we’re shoving her early stage clothes into our walk-in closet for the first few months and will hopefully find a permanent home by the time she moves into a crib full time.

We loaded up four large garbage bags full of clothes to give away. That’s really sad considering we still had a fully stocked closet and dresser.

Then the draft came and I got to veg out for the rest of the day.

Sunday was taken up by a drive out to Buy Buy Baby on the western suburbs. If you haven’t been to one yet, it’s Bed Bath & Beyond’s baby store and it kicks the living crap out of Baby’s R Us. In fact it’s a lot nicer than any BB&B too. We checked out double strollers and it looks like an inline Phil & Ted’s is the way to go. Does anyone have experience with them? I’m a little iffy on the set-up of the baby riding so low. They can’t see anything from back there. But it folds up pretty small compared to the other traditional side by side twins.

Then it was a long drive home in the rain and running after Carter for the day. After he went down we were wiped out. If just a weekend of errands is this tiring I’m not sure how I’m going to handle two kids all the time.