Guitar Hero Metallica: Dad Therapy Review

006metallica Ever since I got Guitar Hero for a very much appreciated Christmas/Birthday present, I’ve been enamored with it. I don’t play all the time, but it is by far the most played game on our Wii and I’m often guilty of school night rocking out way past my bedtime.

There’s of course the issue of limited song choices though and the new Metallica version offers more songs, which are of course mostly Metallica tracks but also some very good hard rock/metal acts I love like The Sword, Kyuss and Corrosion of Conformity.

The funny thing is, this version of Guitar Hero is a better game then the full Guitar Hero World Tour.

What I like best is the way you progress through the game. Instead of playing sets of various songs, you earn stars as you progress which unlock more and more songs, as well as classic stages Metallica used on various world tours, best among them the collapsing statue from the …And Justice For All tour.I'm not a fan of most recent Metallica (anything since the Black Album) but even those songs are worth playing.

These metal songs are typically faster, therefore harder, than most on the regular Guitar Hero games which I like and hope will up my skill level. It’s also really therapeutic to thrash out “Battery” or Kyuss’ “Demon Cleaner” after a long day of work and/or parenting. And for you older dads, you can school the kids on "real" metal.

So far, I like it. We’ll see if it holds up over time though. For a full list of songs check out Wikipedia.