Dad Therapy Mock Draft

If you’re a dad and you don’t do your own mock draft just for the heck of it I don’t really know what to say. OK, maybe I’m a bit fanatical but lots of people do this so stop looking at me like that.

Overall I think this is an exceptionally weak draft class with the exception of the linebacker and wide receiver positions. Picking an offensive linemen and especially quarterback could be deadly (and costly) in the first round.

This could be the best year ever to trade your first round pick. Does that mean the Bears were really smart in the Cutler trade? I think so.

1    Detroit Lions: Matt Stafford. Yeah, they’re this stupid. Should pick Curry and get a FA QB. Wait til next year’s QB class.

2    St. Louis Rams: Jason Smith. Yes, they’re this stupid. OL is not solid this year, but will be sought after, making this a reach. Should pick: Mark Sanchez. Yeah you heard me.
3    Kansas City Chiefs: Will pick Curry. I like this pick and Curry will learn a lot from Zach Thomas. But…Should pick. Michael Crabtree.
4    Seattle Seahawks: Mark Sanchez. This is exactly who they should pick if he’s there. Otherwise I’d say they should get Crabtree.
5    Cleveland Browns: Michael Crabtree. This would make sense if they traded Edwards NOW. Why they haven’t made a deal yet is beyond me.  
6    Cincinnati Bengals: Eugene Monroe should fall here. Otherwise they’ll go Andre Smith.
7    Oakland Raiders: Jeremy Maclin. They should go defense with BJ Raji or Brian Orakpo. There is no way Al Davis passes up on offense this year though. This will be his least crazy time to do it though.
8    Jacksonville Jaguars: Orakpo. They’ll go defense if both Sanchez and Maclin are gone. BJ Raji could go here too.
9    Green Bay Packers: BJ Raji. Can’t go wrong here.
10    San Francisco 49ers: Andre Smith. With all the high rated linemen gone San Fran needs to reach if they go with a USC LB. I say the smart money is OL. Always need good Oline.  
11    Buffalo Bills: Michael Oher. The bills need OLINE bad after the trade to Philly. They’ll be POed that Smith went one pick ahead.
12    Denver Broncos: Robert Ayers. Or Tyson Jackson. They need Dline/pass rush and either makes sense.
13    Washington Redskins: Jackson or Ayers. They should trade this pick. There is no value here. If they wanted Knowshon Moreno (who I like better than Beanie Wells) or Josh Freeman they’d be overpaying. But maybe Tampa Bay really wants Freeman and will trade up to beat out Jets.
14    New Orleans Saints: Knowshon Moreno.  They need defense so bad but Beanie Wells or Knowshon will be the sexy pick. Should pick Malcolm Jenkins.  
15    Houston Texans: Brian Cushing. Done deal. Lucky to fall here.
16    San Diego Chargers: Wells. They don’t need him but lets them trade Sproles if he turns out. Should Pick Malcolm Jenkins if he falls. Can’t have enough CB help.
17    New York Jets: Josh Freeman. Duh.
18    Denver Broncos (from Chicago): Clay Matthews. Having gotten line help at 12 I think they go LB and get Clay Matthews.
19    Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Go with Aaron Maybin or Matthews if he falls. Should pick. Ray Mauluaga.
20    Detroit Lions (from Dallas): Peria Jerry. They need a run stuffer.
21    Philadelphia Eagles: Percy Harvin. I see both RBs gone by now leaving Philly with a need at WR. They could go with Percy Harvin but his stock has fallen. He’s versatile. I’d say Kenny Britt would be a better fit.
22    Minnesota Vikings: Darrius Heyward Bey. They need receiver and if Harvin is gone they’ll go Bey. Britt isn’t the speedy guy they need but it’ll be a WR.
23    New England Patriots: Darius Butler. Least surprising pick of the draft.
24    Atlanta Falcons: Brandon Pettigrew. Second least surprising pick of the draft.
25    Miami Dolphins: Kenny Britt. Dolphins would be screwed on the WR front if Bey and Britt are gone but it might make the choice of Maualuga easier. I say Maualuga is a better pick here than reaching for Nicks.
26    Baltimore Ravens: Rey Maualuga. The successor to Ray Lewis. I still say Dolphins should take him. However, this could leave Ravens with a WR like Nicks who could help them.
27    Indianapolis Colts: Hakeem Nicks. They need a big WR to help peyton out.
28    Buffalo Bills (from Philadelphia): Do they take another OT? Yes. Eben Britton.
29    New York Giants:  If there’s a run on WR they are screwed.
30    Tennessee Titans: Vontae Davis. Could use a WR though.
31    Arizona Cardinals: Donald Brown. Not much choice. Need a RB.
32    Pittsburgh Steelers: Alex Mack. Centers aren’t sexy. Kind of like the city itself.