Early Father's Day: NFL Draft

Quinn There are a number of Father’s Days out there, not just the Hallmark sponsored one in June, and most are centered around sporting events.

Thanksgiving: gluttony and football are accepted, nay expected by all, including the wife

Any golf major championship with Tiger Woods: Plus my wife likes Tiger

And none other is bigger in our household than the NFL Draft.

Now when you say NFL Draft you mean day one, with the first two rounds. It used to be three rounds and it used to start at noon. This year the time has been pushed back to 4 p.m. EST so the picks will eat into prime time (the TV schedule says midnight!) which I think is incredibly dumb. But it does mean I can complete more chores in the morning and midday which the wife will no doubt appreciate.

As a die-hard Miami Dolphins fan living in Chicago, it is also the first real time I get to connect with my team since the season ended. There’s no South Florida newspaper to pick up and read about my team, although I still read them online I guess.

It’s also the most aggravating sporting event because even if your team makes a dreadful mistake *cough* Ted Ginn Jr. *cough* there’s nothing else to do but focus on that one pick for an entire round, which can be quite a long time.  This year I don’t really care who the Dolphins pick at 25. They need a lot of help and I don’t think the wide receivers there are worth the reach. Any USC linebacker, top corner back, or offensive and defensive line will all work for me.

This year I don’t have anything planned out like a menu or anything like that. We have swim lessons for Carter in the morning and maybe I’ll do some house hunting around lunch to be home in time for the Draft.

What’s everyone else’s plan for the Draft? Anything elaborate?