Daddy's Big Easter Weekend

It’s been a long time since I’ve had much time off. Certainly, there hasn’t been much non-dad time if there was non-work time. But Courtney and I both took Good Friday off and hit the in-laws in the suburbs a bit early for a long holiday weekend.

We loaded up the car (a BMW X3 I’m test driving for my day job) and headed out early Friday morning and with no traffic hit Palatine around 8 a.m. I had time to get a haircut at the local barber who I missed going to since we lived out in the ‘burbs and then my father-in-law hit the golf course.

I hadn’t picked up my clubs since last August and played surprisingly well after the first hole. The whole front nine was terrific. Back nine, not so much, but I was happy to be outside and enjoying the day.  After golf Courtney even let me take a nap on the couch during the Masters. It was pretty much the perfect day off.

Carter also likes to sleep in at my in-laws. I’m not sure why he sleeps to 7:30 a.m. there, at home he’s not likely to get past 6 a.m.

The rest of the weekend was quite busy with family stuff, which was enjoyable if not quite as relaxing. We took Carter to an Easter fair type thing at a local strip mall in Barrington. The well-to-do shopping center had a little pen with farm animals with what looked to be way too many children in it. Carter was content to just sit on the sidelines. The whole event looked to be a bit overwhelming to him. He’s also not as happy to sit on costumed holiday icons anymore.

While he was happy with Santa in December, four months later the Easter Bunny sent him into shocks. Luckily he quickly recovered when mom and dad joined him. He also didn’t enjoy sitting way up high in the fire truck. Dad kind of liked it though.

After all the excitement Carter had a nice nap. And so did Dad. Yeah, two naps in one weekend. It really was a great weekend.