Epic Burger: Burger Joint Review

Since Friday was such a glorious day I rounded up some of the guys from the Cars.com editorial staff and we walked the eight or ten blocks over to Epic Burger. We basically needed an excuse to go enjoy the 65 degree sunny weather and this was a good one.

I was a bit surprised that a burger joint in the same building as a college dorm would be so expensive. That effectively keeps the clientele to either college kids who aren’t on a budget, tourists and business people like ourselves, if you can call automotive journalists business people.

The menu was pretty basic. You get a burger with organic beef, turkey burger, chicken breast sandwich or a portabella sandwich for $5.99.  They come standard with lettuce, tomato, pickle, onions (raw or grilled) and special sauce. You pick regular bun or whole wheat. Cheese and bacon are $.89 extra each. Fries were $1.90.

I ordered a burger with cheddar and bacon on a regular bun. It was a combo package with drink and fries for just under $9. The cheese and bacon left me with a total of just over $12. This was now into The Counter territory as far as price goes.

We must have beaten the rush arriving at around noon. Behind us was a long line. From line to food arriving at our seats (we sat at the long table shown here, sorry I didn't take a shot of the burger itself, I was too hungry) was about 15 minutes. Not bad at all. The burger was huge. Nice and wide with the patty being on the thin size but taking up all the space on the bun. The toppings were all quite fresh and they didn’t slather on the special sauce either. It was still messy though. The taste was good with the bun being very soft, slightly toasted. Everything just went together perfectly. Epic Burger bills the bacon as nitrate free. I don’t know what that means as far as taste but it was perfectly done for me, just chewy enough and not rock hard crispy like Five Guys was.

The fries were probably the weak point. They had no seasoning at all. I understand if you don’t want to add salt to fries for health reasons, but what about sea salt? Pepper? Anything? Two coworkers asked for salt to add and they were happier.

In the end I was very glad I went, including the walk back. I was definitely experiencing a mild burger coma afterwards. It wasn’t nearly as bad as the time it took me to recoup after the Five Guys burger.

So in my mind of ranking the top-end burger joints I’ve tried out would be:

  • Epic Burger (I can live without fries)

  • The Counter (Too far away or would be tops)

  • Five Guys (So greasy you can only have once every month, if you’re lucky)

  • Patty Burger