I've Discovered How Dads Get Fat

Now that Carter is 1 I have discovered why dads get fat. There is no doubt, it is the discarded food that the kids refuse to eat. Every trial and error leads to leftovers, and they usually happen to be my favorite foods. And they're in these tiny bites. How bad can a couple of bites of fake chicken nuggets be? Or some elbow macaroni? Or green peas?

Carter gets through a jar of veggies and a few bites of whatever food he’s already used to — yeah trial and error translates to him eating the one thing he always eats and throwing everything else on the floor — and me eating the rest. The picture here is what’s leftover on his tray, not the food left over on the plate we bring to the table with us, which is what I eat off when he's had his fill and is flailing his arms in front of his mouth when we try and put something near it.

Oh, and on top of all the bite-size food I’m eating off of Carter’s plate, Mrs. Therapy is six months pregnant and that means there is usually dessert too. Of course, I can say no to sweets right? No, not happening. Need to break out the Wii Fit soon...sure...