House Hunting is a Bitch

>Mrs. Therapy and I are in a strange place compared to most people in the real estate market. We actually need to buy a house and don’t have one to sell. We’re not first time home buyers but have been renting for over a year and literally cannot find a place to buy.

I’ve never been so frustrated with anything in my life. We’ve been looking for the better part of 18 months now too. The good thing is we’ve settled on a town/neighborhood, the first suburb west of Chicago called Oak Park. The bad news is that every home that is remotely nice enough in our price point is literally sold in a week or two weeks. We even put an offer on one place only to be outbid. As one coworker said to me on Twitter, “What the heck, is this 2005?”

Now, we’re thinking that the second we see a place that “might” work for us we better put in an offer the next day. Is that not insane to anyone else? Has anyone else experienced this issue in today’s market? Would love some feedback.