New Mac Mini Update: Call of Duty 4 Run Through


One of the things that always held me back from switching to a Mac from a PC was the utter lack of games to choose from. There still are hardly any games made specifically for Mac. Even LucasArts seems to have dropped the format. I have fond memories of playing the original Tie Fighter and X-Wing games on my dads old Macs.

I used to be a pretty decent gamer and even reviewed games for various publications (I never paid for a console or game for five years). But once Carter was born my gaming became mostly Wii stuff like Guitar Hero where Courtney could actually somewhat enjoy gaming. The only PC game I’ve gotten recently was World In Conflict, a very good military strategy game. I only could muster an hour or two after Carter and Courtney were in bed. So, this reduction in gaming time means a switch to Mac won’t be as painful. Still, I need to get my fix in sometime.

My co-worker Matt had an extra copy of Call of Duty 4 for Mac and lent it to me to check out. Now, my Mac Mini was the base model with the lower graphics setting, but I upgraded the RAM to 2GBs, and that ups the graphics setting to the higher spec machine’s.

Everything I’ve run so far from Hulu and DVD video has looked great and had no hiccups at all. How would Call of Duty 4 hold up?

It kicks ass.

I was surprised at how good the graphics were. My Vista PC had a decent set-up with 2GB of DDR2 and a pretty high-end card too. I’d say the Mac Mini definitely holds up to that machine, at least with this game. The screen capture doesn’t do it justice because it compresses the widescreen dimensions, but you squeeze off a round and a guy’s head explodes in spurts of blood, the helmet flies off the other way…ahh now that’s relaxing.

Seriously, there’s no better way to unwind after a long day of work and parenting than to shoot lots of virtual bad guys. Movement is especially fluid. Heading up hills and stairs is probably the best example of how smooth the game is. Kickback from shooting and reloading the weapons is realistic which I think probably makes the game a good shooter. However, I woke up the next morning with the worst headache. Yeah, need to turn the volume down next time.  

Apple still doesn’t have a good gaming selection, but I think for the small fix I need these days the new Mac Mini certainly does the job.