Friday Night Out, Briefly

We were going to head to Coast for Sushi and Courtney could have cooked rolls, shrimp, crab etc. But Courtney read on her mommy message board that someone got food poisoning there, twice.

We decided to go to Feast because we've been there with Carter before. We even found a great parking spot right off Damen equipped with one of the cities new parking meters. Eight quarters later we walked the block to Feast but they don't open until 5:30. Really? So, we went to Northside across the street.

I had a so-so salad, Courtney had fish and chips and Carter got some Chicken fingers. He was pretty good only throwing his sippy once and making googly eyes at the waitresses. It was very nice not having to cook and clean and we were back home at our normal time. Now just sitting on the couch and watching the Blackhawks.

Nice to have a nice and easy night after a rough week.