Am I The Only Dad in America Who Doesn't Have March Madness?

I’m a sports fan. I’m a mild college basketball fan, especially my dear Hoosiers who have fallen on tough times lately. But I have to admit when the tourney came up this year and brackets went around I had absolutely no interest. And it seems this is the most maddening of years ever, with everyone I run into talking about the games etc.

I even saw a story in Sunday’s Chicago Tribune saying that dads around my age are scheduling their vasectomy to coincide with the first weekend of the tourney so they have something to do while icing their “boys.”

At work on Thursday the cafeteria TVs were all tuned to the games. A coworker showed me the iPhone app he had downloaded from CBS to watch all the games. Twitter was aflutter with updates on various games from fans hardcore and casual. Even the President was on TV filling out his bracket.

Me? I was starting to get annoyed.

While I’m sure some of the games were great I hadn’t really read about any great storylines going into it besides the Big East dominance.

What was I excited about? Well Friday night I stayed up to watch the series finale of "Battlestar Gallactica." On both Saturday and Sunday the wife and I took Carter to the park to enjoy the weather and on Saturday we did a family outing to Baby’s R Us and Barnes and Noble, where Carter was running all over. It seems he likes book stores a lot. Although I was shocked he didn’t try to pull the books off the shelves like he does at home. No really, I was shocked!

Now that the weekend is over and there are no Cinderella stories, no big surprises at all really, I feel even better in my disinterest. I’m still much more excited for the opening day of baseball, The Masters and the NFL Draft. Is that madness?