Dave Gets an iPhone

I know this won’t be a very illuminating pot since nearly everyone in the known universe has an iPhone already, but I figured I’d add my own thoughts anyway. It is my blog after all.

First, compared to the Blackberry Curve I used for work, the screen is just fantastic. Navigation between apps is a snap as well too.

What have I downloaded so far? Well, I got the essentials like iRemote, Chase’s mobile banking. TwitterFon, for mobile tweeting which is ok so far but the everlasting scroll is a little annoying.  Slacker and Pandora too.

I also did some simple shortcuts like ESPN NFL news, Google’s search tool and of course KickingTires Beta.

One new app I tried was TV.com which works really well with WiFi but not on cell. The only issue is that each segment (basically about 8-10 minutes of show) downloads at a time and when done, kicks you back to a menu screen to select the next segment. I can see it being useful if you’re in a long line or such, but if you’re stuck for an hour somewhere, like an airport, waiting for a plane it’s a pain in the butt.

Surfing the App Store I found a couple of nifty iPhone comic books too, one called Hexed wasn’t that bad either.

But I don’t think the apps are really the best part of the phone. I’ve found the natural steps between email, text messages and just dialing phone numbers and voicemail far superior to any phone and smartphone I’ve tried. For the price, my discounted, refurb is well worth it so far.