North Dakota Wants to Fine You $500 When Your Kid Skips School

A month back or so I told the wife we should move to North Dakota because it was -20 there and -20 in Chicago and we could buy a huge ranch there for less than our next place would cost in the city. We laughed. Ah, North Dakota dreams.

Then today I saw this blurb that North Dakota’s state legislature is looking to enact a fine of $500 for parents for each day their kid skips school. Wait, what?

Forget the fact that the idea is BS, but $500, even for a first offense? If it happens repeatedly the parents can get 30 days in jail.

What a bizarre way to get parents involved with their kids. And in a state where I’m guessing incomes aren’t that high, $500 isn’t cheap. Heck, it’s not cheap in Chicago. I can’t think of any fine that is that high besides roadside littering or speeding in a construction zone.

There Oughta Be A Parenting Law(NYT Motherlode Blog)