My Desk Before and After the New Mac Mini


The Mac Mini is still sitting here unused because of the display issue. I’ll run out at lunch to exchange the adapter and hopefully have it running this weekend. But part of the story I’m trying to pitch is how small the Mini truly is. Check out my desk before I got the Mini in the photo above. It’s pretty full of gadgets and clutter. There’s my external sound card to the left of my keyboard. It has a volume knob on it which is very convenient.

Those speakers? Yep, full size Bose theater speakers and I have a sub on the floor too. That’s why I have that sound card.

Then obviously the monitor which has a large circular stand, keyboard, a stack of discs to the right, pen holder and mousepad. What you can’t see are the two hard drives behind the monitor, a USB hub  with currently four plugs in it and a holster to charge the wireless mouse.

Now check below to see what I had to move to make room for the Mini. 


I just had to move a stack of cds to fit the Mini on the left. If I do get rid of my PC I'll probably move it to the right side and get rid of that other stack of CDs.