New Chris Cornell Album Gets Slammed via Twitter, Facebook

The biggest slam of Chris Cornell’s atrocious new album — recorded with Timbaland, hear it here on his MySpace page — came from Nine Inch Nail’s Trent Reznor in a Twitter update.

@trent_reznor You know that feeling you get when somebody embarrasses themselves so badly YOU feel uncomfortable? Heard Chris Cornell's record? Jesus.

His comment hit Digg and others. But if you do a Twitter Search for “Chris Cornell” thousands of negative comments about the album come up, some of them I've listed below.  Can anyone recover from a negative album review en masse? Is this a new mass consumer review? Similar to how Amazon changed the online shopping game?

blackcat13brew: In protest to Chris Cornell's new record, I'm closing my mind and listening to nothing but 10+ year old Soundgarden this morning.

HereticChick: @chazdrums my brain is currently dribbling out my left ear after listening to Chris Cornell's "Scream". Thx @chazdrums for warning :)

chazdrums: OMFG checking out Chris Cornell's new song Scream. May have to stab my ears out with pencils. Good call @trent_reznor HORRIBLE. R&B crap!!!!

johncdip: Someone needed to tell Chris Cornell to sit this one out...

And my favorite
dperis: @trent_reznor Thank you. Chris Cornell is currently a musical Ponzi scheme.

From my coworker and music aficionado Ian Merritt’s Facebook page

Chris Dalton at 11:10am March 12 (rock drummer extraordinaire)
I hear it's the most horrific rock to mainstream sellout since Rod Stewart's, "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy" back in '78!

Ezra Agnew at 11:15am March 12 (punk kid from Cape Cod)
I have also heard that it's stupendously awful, but I'm still interested in hearing Chris doing a "club banger"

Ian Merritt at 11:22am March 12 (me)
i don't think this could get any worse. we've been chatting about it at work all morning. i would love to hear what other's are saying about it. also, if you are so inclined, go to cornell's website. f**king awful.
someone should alert Gibson as he's smashing a bunch of Epiphones in the name of club-booty-humping-biotches-dom.

Jay Terrien at 11:38am March 12 (professional bass player, viola master, string arranger, recording pro from LA)
So painful........ ;)

Reznor may have opened the flood gates, but the waters were waiting to spill out.