Of PC Guys, Mac Guys and uh…Me


I’m trying to pitch a story to some national magazines about how the penetration of iPods and iPhones now make a perfect time to “go Mac” specifically with the low end Mac Mini that was just refreshed last week at $599.

Did you know in 2005 Apple had sold around 25 million iPods? At the end of 2008 the company had sold 200 million iPods and iPhones. Quite a bit of brand penetration no?

Why does the year 2005 matter? That’s when the first Mac Mini came out. It was a good idea, and at the time the entry $500 was about what you’d pay for a good PC. Heck I bought my Vista PC a year later for $450 and that didn’t include Microsoft Office.

The other thing that has happened since 2005 is the mass identifying with products as a way to define ourselves, personally. Isn’t that messed up? The PC Guy/Mac Guy commercials are the perfect example of this and to me are distasteful and a bit patronizing.

There’s value in both products, but for me, at this stage of life, I think the Mac might make more sense. A test Mac Mini is on the way for me to write about. I’ll be detailing the entire switchover here on the blog and why the move from my mostly reliable Vista PC makes sense. How much it actually costs to do the switch (software, hardware). How peripherals like my DiNovo wireless keyboard work with it etc.

The biggest deal for me is how it handles “Dad” tasks. Mainly organizing photos and video. The other main task is to use the Mini as a media machine and trying out boxee and other options. 

Will it work in the end? Keep coming back to check out my progress.