2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart: Daddy Driven


Most dads moderately interested in cars probably have heard of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. It’s a rally race car inspired sedan with 291 hp and all-wheel drive. It also happens to cost over $33,000 and has a ride that will damage the kidneys on a typical grocery run.

The car is based on the regular Lancer economy sedan with a more sedate four-cylinder. Now, there’s a middle choice, the Lancer Ralliart which I recently had for the night. Besides having plenty of headroom and amazingly easy to access Latch connectors, it’s also plenty fast with a much less punishing ride than the Evo.


Getting Carter in and out was pretty easy. I was surprised out how wide the rear doors opened so I could easily wedge myself in to pull him out of the seat. The tall roof was a godsend too, as I didn’t bump the poor kid’s noggin every morning on the way to work.

I think for performance junky dads out there the $26,000 Ralliart is a really good compromise on the Evo. The Ralliart is still obscenely fast and let’s just face it, most of us aren’t good enough drivers to get everything out of the Evo. The Ralliart with 237 hp is quick, handles superbly with standard all-wheel drive and has a great transmission that allows for paddle shifting or an automatic function.


One downside is a relatively small trunk. One big upside? A hatchback version is on the way later this year with a larger cargo area than the Subaru WRX hatch.