Welcome to Dad Therapy

This blog is penned from a dad’s perspective about topics that other parents might find either helpful or diverting or both. Basically, this is like any other daddy blog out there where I’ll talk about my children, but there will be heavy doses of product blogging, especially how I handle day to day life with the new cars I test for Cars.com, mainly how they handle car seats and getting kids in and out of them.

Every dad out there has probably seen a cool car like a BMW M3 and wondered if he could “get away” with owning one. Hopefully, I’ll be able to shed a little light on that.

Now, this blog is certainly not completely car centric. Expect car stuff maybe once a week. Otherwise I’ll tackle gadgets I use, music from time to time (especially my love/fascination with all things Pearl Jam), video games from Wii for the family to PC games for after the kids’ bedtime, and anything else that comes up from food and recipes to the occasional political rant.

Overall, I just wanted to bring a different angle to the daddy blog space. There are some terrific dad blogs out there and they’ve definitely inspired me to start this site. I just believe if you can’t bring something new to the space, then don’t bother.