Yeah, I’m Rooting For a Republican, Martinez Stimulus Plan Makes Sense

At least he’s from Florida. Mel Martinez’s stimulus package makes a lot of sense to me with huge tax cuts for businesses THAT EMPLOY PEOPLE and big incentives for people to BUY HOMES. Gee, that would probably help those unemployed and those on the fence about buying a home, two relatively important groups these days. Plus, it would help one certain dad who's looking to buy a new home for his kids.

Some of the corporate tax percentages should be tweaked to help employees more however. And I'm not sure so much military infrastructure needs to be here. The Pentagon gets a cool $400+ billion a year the past few years under Bush's budgets. Although, who can say no to hospitals for vets?

He even puts in the billions for unemployment and homeless prevention? This is a republican?

You can read the whole bill here, but it totals at $713 billion. I’d say throw in another $50 billion (really, who’s counting at this stage) for green building/energy programs and you’ve got a deal Mel.

It’s time to drop the posturing in D.C. and get things done.