2009 Nissan Frontier: Daddy Driven


I would never buy a truck myself. For my day to day driving needs there just is not that much need for an exposed bed. But if you’re one of those dads out there that does, the Frontier does the job as far as car seats. I was really surprised with how nice the interior of the Nissan truck was for how old the platform is. It’s not up there with the new Murano or anything, but the buttons and dash materials are nice enough compared to a Toyota or Ford truck.

I had this 4x4 model for a few nights only, not a full week of testing and thought it was a bit high off the ground for my needs, but if you were an off-road dad it probably is an alluring feature. Getting up into the back seat with Carter wasn’t that hard. Nor was hooking the car seat via the middle seat belt. There were Latch connectors on either side though.


I always like trucks with rear seats that flip up so the floor becomes
flat. But you’ll never get to have fun with that if the car seat is
back there. There is plenty of room though even though this is
considered a compact pickup. Yes, two seats would fit just fine.

The test Frontier had a V-6 that seemed too powerful for the truck it
was packed in. You touched the accelerator and off you went with a jolt
to the neck. I’m sure the family would really appreciate that. I also
liked the looks. It was definitely manly enough even though it wasn’t a
full-size truck. Suzuki also has a version of the same truck called the
Equator. Neither one is selling well right now so expect really big
discounts. Which is good because the tester easily topped $33,000 with
moonroof and leather but no navi. There’s at least $2,500 in incentives
on the Frontier right now but for $30,000 I’d be in a Murano right

Overall, the Frontier is still nothing I would ever consider buying for
myself, but it still gets a complete thumbs up for dads.