Super Bowl Thoughts: GI Joe, Shrimp Quesadillas

The Super Bowl is a big deal in our house. This was Carter’s first and he obviously didn’t watch what was going on. He preferred to play with his rings, singing cookie jar et al. But his dinner and bath time routine came right in the middle of the game so we were watching a good hour behind the live show. That would be great if we could fast forward commercials or half time like a regular game but instead we just had to stay up later.

Menu: Instead of doing ribs or wings as usual, I changed things up and made some shrimp quesadillas. Pretty easy to make and they turned out to be terrific. Some of my best work IMHO, at least on Mexican food.

Super Bowl Commercials: Besides the commercial which I actually liked more than a lot of people in the office (it has been getting tons of great press today too) the GI Joe trailer really threw me for a loop. I knew the movie was coming but hadn’t paid much attention to it until now. Most online buzz for it is terrible, but besides making Duke the man in the field and Flint the commander of the squad I think it’ll do well (meaning it won’t destroy my childhood memories) and here’s why.

  • Cobra was a terrorist organization even though no one ever thought of it like that when I was a kid. They were just the bad guys. But in today’s times it makes a lot of sense to chase after a terrorist organization.

  • Um…Baroness looks hot.

  • Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow definitely have the right look.

  • Did you see that Eiffel Tower shot!?

Why it might suck.

  • All the Joes dress the same. How are you going to be able to tell them apart? Also why are they all in black? I’d rather see some Army green. 

  • Dennis Quad looks too campy as Flint in this ad. Everyone else looks like they’re straight out of any modern action movie, he looks like he’s playing a comic book character from the era before comic book movies became good.