Burger Joint Review: Five Guys Burgers


Mrs. Therapy had already visited Five Guys to get her office lunch one day. She said it was awesome, but that our Subaru Outback smelled like a hamburger for days afterwards. I took Friday off to get the Outback serviced — happy Valentine’s day honey — and run some other errands. My bit of true vacation was stopping by Five Guys between the car dealership and a doctor’s appointment.

The location in Chicago is a tough one on Clybourn which is filled with strip malls which is unusual in the city. I went in and was the only guy in line with about six people seated and devouring food. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger ($6) and an order of fries ($2) and no drink since I was taking it home. Grand total just over $9. This better be a good burger.

Again, I was the first in line and I had to wait a good five minutes for the burger to finish up. They only throw the patties on the grill when you order to keep things fresh which is good. They put it in a paper bag and took a small cup of French fries and dropped it in. Mrs. Therapy said the order of fries was huge, but this looked ordinary. Then the server proceeded to fill the rest of the paper bag with fries, all the way to the top. Crazy.


I headed home and you can see what it looked like on the plate. I got grilled onions, tomato and lettuce on top and all was good. The bacon was crispy which is unusual for a burger, and I’d rather have it a little chewier than crispy. Still, it was good. The patties themselves were juicy but with a little char from the grill which I liked a lot. It was a lot of beef, two patties, and I’d probably get a “little” version next time. Nah, who am I kidding. If you make a stop here you better go all out.

The fries were also very good and there was no way to finish them. After I ate I dumped the rest of the fries onto my empty plate. They filled the whole plate. Really, they should have a smaller order because they just go to waste.

In my mind it was good, but probably not as good as The Counter. However, it’s easier to get too and is far better than an In-N-Out, yeah I said it. Oh, and for health nuts out there I just looked up the calorie count on the burger I had, 920! Damn. They really shouldn’t release that information.