Watch Me Battle Old Media…Charge!!!

Warning! This video is thirty minutes long. It’s from the second media day at this year’s 2009 Chicago Auto Show. I was invited to join a panel discussion on blogging in the auto industry. This panel followed a presentation by JD Power which basically said automakers should take into account amateur bloggers and their word of mouth messaging, and of course use their upcoming metrics of such. The sound also goes in and out so be warned.

It was really odd that this panel came four or five years after Autoblog came on the scene when I was editing it. Now I sit next to John Neff, Autoblog’s current editor, and battle Dutch Mandel of AutoWeek about traditional media. Sooo much was missed though.

No one asked Dutch to name a healthy print publication out there. Name a growing print publication out there. I doubt he could, including his own. So many people could have ripped him a new one about breaking embargoes as well. He really got off light playing the antagonist here when he was so wrong so often. There’s no editing on blogs? Maybe on this one but the entire concept of blogging originally was that the “sphere” part, the commenters, would police the bloggers themselves. If you made a comment that was off-point they’d call you on it and they did so blogs got better. Dutch has no clue what blogging is, where it came from, and how good it is. Autoblog’s meteoric rise took a huge toll on traditional media and I think AutoWeek probably took the hardest hit because they specialized in “news” and here was a site that dominated them on news.

The audience was made up of old school media and you can tell from the questions how out of touch they were. Maybe folks in L.A. or New York would have been hipper, I’m not sure. In the end I just thought a lot of good questions never got asked and the scope of what blogging has actually done to traditional media was totally glossed over.

Big thanks to Autoblog for posting this!