One Heck Of A Day

This is one very long day with so many things going on. I'm not sure how to put everything down.

First there was tepid reaction on Autoblog to the blogging panel that hit YouTube last night. I don't care not that many commented on it, just found it interesting anyone was.

Then I shot a video for my day job in the alley behind our condo and I couldn't believe how easily the logistics went with getting four compact SUVs all shot over an hour without too much wrangling.

I worked the rest of the morning feverishly at home and then rushed back to the office in the VW Tiguan.

Had my annual review with the news of what my raise and bonus was.

Reflected on how lucky I am to have a paying job right now...especially in the automotive industry.

Then GM and Chrysler announced their restructuring plans to the Treasury Department and it looks like we're set for another month, at least, of fretting about the future of the domestic auto industry.

Get home and have dinner with Mrs. Therapy and Carter who did not want to eat anything. After clean up he was walking all over the place. The kid is so happy it is really a pick-me-up no matter what the day is like.

Now I'm sitting on the couch blogging and checking out the latest GM news while the wife watches American Idol.

Like I said, what a day.