Dave's Having a Pearl Jam-gasm


So I just had this wild-ride of a day and then I see a Twitter from a co-worker that Pearl Jam had put up some of the remixed Ten tracks on its website. A click later and I’m basking in a remixed “Brother” b-side with new vocals, and a remixed “Once” which sounds good but perhaps the drums are a little too high in the mix. But gone is the artificial vibe of the original Ten which is exactly what the band is aiming for with the remix.

Then I’m hitting the Pearl Jam forums to see what everyone’s saying and find out that RollingStone has the remixed version of “Porch” which you can grab here. The compression is pretty bad, but the song sounds fantastic and much truer to what the band played live during that era. It’s like I never heard the guitars before now in this song quite this way. I think the fact that there were two guitarists was forgotten on the original Ten, either going with the big riff or big solo. Here the interplay of Stone and Mike is perfect. I can not wait until my copy of the album arrives next month. Can…not…wait.

Photo by me, those are not my horns!