ShamWow as Diaper?

Are reporters getting more like tabloid newsmen these days? Chris McNamara a freelancer for the Chicago Tribune did a light-hearted test of the ShamWow you see on TV infomercials. Not only did he take it to task doing daily household chores like cleaning spills he used it as a diaper on his child.

You read that right, a diaper.

“To test the second kind of spill (the biohazardous variety), I figured that rather than wait for an accident I'd be proactive. I fashioned a diaper from a small ShamWow and affixed it with duct tape to my son Ed. He was puzzled at first, but within an hour he was happily peeing into the rig. The ShamWow held its wet load admirably.”

Duct tape? And I can’t imagine the chafing that could happen with a ShamWow either. Luckily his son peed relatively quickly. Wow.