Dollhouse Review

OK so let’s just say if you didn’t see the debut episode of the new Joss Whedon/Eliza Dushku you can watch it on Hulu or right here in the browser above. What did I think? There’s a lot of promise to the show itself, but boy was the first episode all over the place.

Did the writers just expect everyone watching to have read the background on the show before watching? Because not much was explained to the viewer. However, the idea, the one not really explained, is a good one.

For one, the premise of a squadron of be anything/do anything mercenaries is solid. Obviously, the fact that they’re all sexy too is just a bonus.

I just think this episode dove into the middle of a season as far as delving into the right and wrong of the premise before even fully explaining the premise. I barely understood who Dushku/Echo’s handler was before he was bucking the system, which by the way is a job he took knowingly, I assume to make money. Not many mercenaries have a heart.

That was the other thing. They should have mentioned the term mercenary at some point and the whole concept would have been clearer.

Anyway, on to the important stuff: the cast is very good. There are a few lame ducks, mainly the actress playing the hard as ice boss, Olivia Williams and the guy responsible for the mind swipes. But Dushku, Tahmoh Penikett who plays an FBI agent looking for the Dollhouse seems a solid antagonist. Harry Lennix plays the handler and you’d recognize him from dozens of supporting roles.

It is Dushku’s show though and I think the idea that every episode viewers are waiting to find out who she really is will make it a must watch over time. I’ve read reports from Maureen Ryan that the show gets better about three episodes in so I’ll definitely keep watching. If I hadn’t already heard that I probably would keep watching anyway, but it’s good to know things pick up.