Melissa & Doug's Wooden Chomp and Clack Alligator Push Toy


Back in November when Carter was already standing himself all the time my mother came to visit us from Florida and bought this push toy for her grandson. We figured it would be a matter of days before he was scooting himself all over the condo. Fast forward nearly two months and Carter has just figured the thing out.

Carter also took his first repeated steps this weekend too. I mean, what a monumental weekend right? So now he is really into pushing the alligator toy down our long hallway. He kind of waddles like a penguin behind it, but he has a blast.

I would definitely recommend the toy, especially as a gift since it’s not that expensive yet has a really high quality feel because it’s made out of wood. One little note though:

After assembling two baby swings, jumpers, baby seats and untold plastic doodads I couldn’t wait to put this toy together with its two, count ‘em two, parts with just two screws. You would think it would be a snap, but aligning the wood holes for the screws was quite a pain. Twenty minutes later…

As far as the Amazon ads, this is NOT a paid post, I’m using the Amazon affiliates program to help make some extra money for this blog. If you’re thinking of buying one of these and use this link, I’ll make a little spare change, and not that much! But the more cash that comes in the more stuff I can purchase and try out. I’ll never post a glowing review of something that I wouldn’t recommend to family and friends and I expect many negative reviews to come.