Dad Crush: Eliza Dushku

In any marriage there is the inevitable issue of crushes. Sure, a crush on a coworker is not good, but a crush on a TV actor/character? That is totally acceptable right? Mrs. Therapy is usually pretty good about it except for a previous obsession with Sarah Michelle Gellar that has since passed. The side crush on Buffy’s Faith, Eliza Dushku however is still well and good mainly because Mrs. Therapy really liked the movie "Bring It On."

Her new Joss Whedon show, "Dollhouse," debuts Friday on Fox and it looks like it might be, OK. I’ll hold my judgment because Eliza’s last TV show was not good, the Medium-esque "Tru Calling," bad spelling and all. Although I blame the writing and premise more than her, and of course the addition of Jason Priestly to the cast…but I’m getting off track.

Dollhouse’s premise kind of sounds like the Christian Slater failure, "My Own Worst Enemy" as a secret agent with multiple personalities, but it could be more interesting as the agents take on many personas, not just two. And of course, there seems to be plenty of opportunity for skimpy outfits. (NSFK - Not Safe for Kids Photos below)

In some of the press photos I’ve noticed Eliza looks older than I remember, maybe a line around the eyes here or there. Then I think to myself, it has been ten years and I have gray hairs, lines around my eyes…and a bigger gut than I did ten years ago too! I’m not noticing a gut on Eliza in these photos…

A lot of the buzz around the show has been its Friday time slot. But do viewers care about timeslots anymore? By now everyone should have a DVR, and if not they can find the shows on Hulu. I know advertising is based on traditional ratings, but shouldn’t there be a new metric? Friday night will have "Terminator," "Dollhouse" and "Battlestar Gallactica" on. There’s no way I’m watching all three on Friday night. They’ll be viewed sometime later via DVR and Hulu. But the devotion of these recorders/online viewers has got to be higher than a typical TV audience right? They’re hunting out the programming. And if it’s like typical online audiences they should be more willing to accept advertising to support their favorites!

Like most of “my” shows, Mrs. Therapy won’t have to worry about watching with me. Another huge plus for the DVR/Hulu revolution.