25 Non-Random Things About Me

I’m not on Facebook but even I’ve heard of the 25 Random Things phenomenon. It seems like a good idea but I guess wears thin. So here’s my take. As I re-launch the blog under the Dad Therapy moniker and might be getting some new readers I figure, why not learn something about me and what the heck I’m doing here.

25. Yes, I review cars. I get a new car every week to test for Cars.com.
24. Yes it is cool, but I spend most of my day in a cubicle like everybody else.
23. I got an iPod for my birthday…this year. It was the first one I’ve ever had.
22. I really enjoy Guitar Hero way too much.
21. I’m from Florida and have lived in Chicago for seven years. No, I don’t mind the cold.
20. I always vote Democrat but am very conservative when it comes to taxes and other fiscal policy. However, conservative doesn’t translate to Republican. They get it wrong most often on taxes etc too.
19. I’ve seen Pearl Jam almost 40 times in dozens of states and now two countries.
18. Best interview with a musician I ever had was Art Alexakis of Everclear. Interesting guy, yeah, really. On phone probably Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth. I’m not a big fan of either band, but had real conversations like you’d have with a very smart friend.
17. Worst interview I ever had: Had to be Mike Patton because I idolized him for so long and he gave a brush off interview on the phone. In-person? Can’t really recall a horrible in-person interview.
16. Oh yeah, I did one column as a sports reporter at IU and asked Pat Reilly a question after a Miami Heat/Indiana Pacers game, in my head the question made sense but it came out all wrong, but anyone could have figured out what I meant. Instead Riley made me feel like an ass. I’ve never wavered since and treated every “celebrity” as if they were less than everyone else, and it’s worked wonders.
15. I’ve been blogging for over five years professionally and personally.
14. I used to record every concert I ever went to. I still have tons of recordings I haven’t gotten around to putting onto disc or digital files.
13. I can put together a PC from parts, but can’t do much coding outside of HTML.
12. I think Hulu will go down as the greatest thing to happen to TV since the DVR.
11. I’m the least handy man around. I can hang pictures, some shelving and that’s about it.
10. Best shows on TV right now: Chuck, Battlestar Gallactica (RIP), House, CSI, How I Met Your Mother
9. Car I lust after is still the BMW M3 sedan. Handles like a rock star and still fits a baby seat.
8. I once was the music columnist for Kevin Smith’s pop culture site MoviePoopShoot.com, seriously, that was the name.
7. I both hate shaving yet can’t stand growing a beard either.  5 days is my max.
6. I have not read a full book in a year’s time. So, so sad.
5. I did not like The Dark Knight. Loved Batman Begins though. And I was right in the middle of all the filming.
4. I love to cook. Seriously, as crazed as I am in the kitchen and as much as I often curse, it relaxes me.
3. My son Carter will be a year old this month.
2. His little sister is following this June.
1. I do most of my daddy blogging during nap time or after Carter’s asleep.