The Holidays in our New House

Nothing says you’ve made your house a home like decorating for the holidays. After I got home late Thursday night from the L.A. Auto Show I worked from home on Friday to recoup a bit and finish up a few different stories. But I was exhausted from what was essentially 72 hours of work. But being around the kids again was a nice recharge.

For the weekend we had our plans set. Saturday morning we went to get the Christmas tree. One nice thing about having rough rails on the Outback was some easy tying of the tree. What I thought was a large enough tree at the lot turned out to look like a puny tree when I got it on the stand. My first pic on the right definitely showed why I thought it was a Charlie Brown Christmas at the Thomas house.

But thanks to my wife’s spot-on decorating on Saturday night it turned out really really well. It also forced us to unpack the last moving box in the house although we still have some pictures to hang.