Dad Therapy Ranked 107th Top Dad Blog!

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We’re Number 107! We’re Number 107!

Considering I had to basically start over in terms of blog traffic with the name change last year, I’m pretty proud that Dad Therapy ranked 107 on’s list of Top Dad Blogs. He only published 125, but we made the list!

I’m guessing there are a lot of dad blogs out there, probably 10x the number that got ranked so I’m going to take it as a win. I’m also going to make sure I visit the other 124 blogs ranked, and the 1 guy awaiting ranking. That’s my new year’s resolution I think. And to of course take over the dad blog world and be #1! Muhahahaha!!!!

Nah. I’ll probably just blog about the kids, what gadgets I’m using, what cars I’m driving and all the other stuff that keeps me sane a few times a week. Like I did last year.