My Crowning Achievement as a Father

Carter got a very cool early Christmas gift from my mother, a play kitchen. When it arrived the big, brown box of parts was so heavy I started cursing the eventual assembly right away. But on Sunday night I decided to tackle the thing in case we ran out of time to get it done before Christmas with all of our other chores we need to do.

It took me under three hours and I made no mistakes. Let me repeat that. There were over 50 pieces of wood, hundreds of screws and bolts, a mini wrench, and of course, an allen wrench.

Sure, I needed my wife’s help the next day to install two doors on hinges – haven’t grown that third arm yet unfortunately – but I still stand by that three hour number.
Check out how happy Carter is in the video above. We had taken him to an indoor play place, like Gymboree and knew he loved the play kitchen there. So this seems to be good for him. Plus, this particular version isn’t pink or girly, not that there’s anything wrong with that.