Best Birthday Gift Ever: Taun-Taun Sleeping Bag…yes I’m 34

Last night after a birthday dinner of Five Guys burgers and Miller Lite (might be more enjoyable than Saturday’s planned Gibson’s celebration) the family and I retired to the rec room for present unwrapping. My mom sent some nice sweaters and my wife pulled out this huge gift wrapped in wedding gift-wrap because there wasn’t enough birthday wrapping to contain this giant box.

I told her it was too much for a birthday gift and when the wraps came off I saw a big brown shipping box with “Taun-Taun” sleeping bag printed on it. I knew then that the wife had answered the greatest wish any grown child could have, and that ThinkGeek ingeniously created.

My wife has a knack for remembering when I get excited about something, even if I forget. I remember explaining to her how brilliant of an idea this was and how it got made into a real product and my eyes must have been lit-up during the telling so she filed it away into her steel-trap of a brain.

Sure, it’s a tad silly for an adult man to have a sleeping bag like this but I'm glad the limited run didn't escape me, and my 2-year old son who may very well turn into a Star Wars fan — and by god he will if I have anything to say about it — will get to play with it when he's older. Oh, and for a mini review: the quality of this is top notch. Super soft and well put together.

Commence with laughter below if you must. Or kudos.