Music To Get Dad For Christmas or Hanukah

If you want to get Dad some music in a physical form for under the tree or the menorah (just a few days left!) then I’ve got a quick list of some interesting releases. Note: These aren't necessarily my favorite albums of the year, they'd just make a nice general gift and shouldn't disappoint.

Nirvana: Bleach (20th Anniversary Remaster)
It’s shocking to hear how good Nirvana was on their first album. The remastering is also well done. It doesn’t sound glossy at all, yet is full and dare I say kind of dark and moody like it should be.

Nirvana: Live at Reading CD/DVD
Another Nirvana recommendation? Yeah, because if you’re my age you hate what the kids these days are listening to these days. I haven’t actually heard this yet – honey…*cough* hint * cough * hint – but this was a historic headlining show for the band in 1992. It’s also on sale on Amazon for $24 instead of $36.

Them Crooked Vultures: S/T
If you haven’t heard of this super group yet with Josh Homme, Dave Grohl and  John Paul Jones then you’ve been under a rock. But maybe your better half doesn’t know this is a hard rock record you really want. The first four tracks are amazing and even though the rest of the album is not as stunning, it still is a masterful example of three guys at the top of their craft.

The Dead Weather: Horehound
It might be hard to persuade someone to wrap up a disc titled “Horehound” but there’s no W in the word so go for it. This Jack White side project is a solid rock record for the commute.   

It Might Get Loud: DVD (out on Dec. 22)
If you’re into guitar hero worship than this might be up your ally. I’m not, so I haven’t seen this so can’t comment on the quality, I’m just trying to help out with recommendations here folks. Still, this is Jack White, the Edge and some guy named Jimmy Page in a documentary about what they love about the six-stringed instrument through spoken and obviously musical stories. It doesn’t come out until Dec. 22 so this is a last second purchase to be sure.

Dinosaur Jr.: Farm
Sure it’s another throwback band from the 1990s but if you remember Dad playing "Feel The Pain" on Guitar Hero with gusto then definitely get this new disc from the band which is much better then their first “reunion” disc Beyond.

Monsters of Folk: S/T
If you don’t want to rock out, this super group of indie rock folksters is a good alternative. I thought the combo delivered a better disc than they have individually lately. So if your dad likes Bright Eyes, My Morning Jacket and M. Ward this is for him. If those names don’t sound familiar to you think Wilco’s slowest, oldest, most country material. You know, the stuff they don’t record anymore.