Choo Choo, The Restaurant and More Eats

This weekend was another busy one around the house even though we basically had no real plans. I’m not sure how this happens but owning a house, plus two kids under two means there is always stuff to do.

We did get out for some grub though as noted in two recent Yelp reviews by me. Courtney had been talking about the Choo Choo Restaurant in Des Plaines for a while. It’s basically a classic diner with an electric train that runs around the counter delivering your food. Carter being all about the choo choo would love it right? Yes he did. His parents, not so much.

Let’s start with the warmest November day in recent memory and our booth in direct sunlight and no shades to be found. That meant dad was blocking son from sun, and sweating (real sweat) his butt off while we waited for the choo choo to bring so-so hamburgers.

Carter was going bananas of course for the train as we knew he would. He wouldn’t even sit in the booster for a while until his food came. He now loves French fries by the way. We had to hurry because daddy simply couldn’t take the heat any longer.
Yelp review is here.

Sunday we did breakfast with the grandparents before Courtney and her mom took the kids with them shopping and I got to hang more pictures and seal up Carter’s windows with that film that keeps out drafts or some such. Billy’s Pancake house was less than so-so but Carter almost polished off a short stack of pancakes all by himself. That kid can eat. Yelp review here.

We capped the weekend off with my famous ribs which weren’t fall off the bone tender unfortunately, but man, the flavors were spot on goodness. Gotta cook em longer though next time. I spent Saturday night doing the sauce (which we'll use for chicken later this week too) and got the rub on them first thing Sunday morning.