Two Months with Direct TV

6a00d834515f2b69e20120a541211c970b-200wi When we moved to the burbs I got the OK from Courtney to get Direct TV for the Sunday Ticket. I was excited for all the football but worried about having to rely on a dish for our reception. When all was done and paid for, we got Sunday Ticket with five months of the top tier programming for free. It was a pricey first payment but monthly fees were right in line with what I was paying for Comcast in the city, plus sports package for NFL network plus HBO for True Blood and Entourage.

Now it's two months later and if you take the Sunday Ticket out of the equation entirely Direct TV is just phenomenal.

The HD picture is better. The channel selection is better. The dvr is about the same. But the biggest surprise is how great the reception is. I got one of their latest dishes that only needs one tuner and we've only lost a signal one time. It was a stormy night but we've ha windier nights since without issue and the most rain of any October and no issues.

Comcast service would go out entirely probably once a month in the city for no reason so I don't think the single signal interruption from our dish even comes close to that.

Sunday Ticket is of course awesome and it has saved some Sundays from awful games on local stations and of course I've watched every game of the Dolphins wild season. Last week we had to go to a party Sunday afternoon and I whipped out the iPhone and kept up with the Vikings Packers game.

The regular Direct TV app for the iPhone is also a huge bonus because I can program the DVR from the train during my morning commute, or when I'm bored elsewhere. It's actually easier to record using the app than the onscreen menus.

The more I think about it, there's no real reason to stick with lousy Comcast.

FTC Disclaimer: Clearly as mentioned above I pay for my own satellite service and this post is just to describe how much I like it.